2008: Grand Prix, Swiss Poster Award 2007
2008: 2nd Prize, Concours international d’affiches, Chaumont
2008: 100 best Posters 07 – Germany Austria Switzerland
Jury review Swiss Poster Award: "The regularity of a prefabricated high-rise, overlaid with gold lettering, encourages a peek behind the stark façade and hence into the play being advertised. Simultaneously arresting and profound, we discern a break with the romantic notion of the Arabian Nights that the play's title alone might suggest. On the contrary: here we are in drab suburbia; only the gold of the lettering, with its Moorish-derived typography, hints at One Thousand and One Nights. The jury was unanimous in its selection of 'Die Arabische Nacht' by Erich Brechbühl, aka Mixer, for this year's Swiss Poster Award.
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